Thursday, September 3, 2009


(a Free local and global event to celebrate the force of truth)

Place: CARLETON UNIVERSITY Kailash Mital Theatre (450 seats),
RSVP: (Attendees MUST register by emailing sylvain)
Date: 09/11/09 18:00 - 22:00
Media: All media is welcome to attend and report on our event, so are journalism students
Speakers: Dr. Paul Zarembka, and Sylvain Henry

Sponsored by: Eri Hariono, Nancy Loucks-McSloy, Michael Figg, Derek Chandler
Organized by: Trustland Recession Survivors
Supported by: All those who believe in the force of truth, and who have solutions for global issues

Should you, or your friends, be in the national capital region of Canada on 09/11/09, you are cordially invited to attend a historic event, one that celebrates the day of creation of Satyagraha, a celebration of truth as a force for social progress. Join us to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi`s invention of Truth Force (Satyagraha) on Sept 11, 1906 in Johannesburg, South Africa. At our event, 4 modern-day Satyagrahis will be sharing their courageous truthquests with us.

-A video recording of the event will be made and available to all who request it.
-You may initiate a similar event or town hall meeting on Truth in your own city
-Global Online Discussions will take place via online chatroom
-If you have any contacts who live near Ottawa, please forward this invitation to them
-Support 9/11 Satyagraha by adding one of our phrases to your blogs, tweets or sites

Dr. Paul Zarembka and Dr. Diana Ralph: (TRUTH SATYAGRAHA: "Help spread 9/11 Satyagraha" )

"Dr. Zarembka is a professor of economics at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and has had professional positions at UC-Berkeley and in France, Germany, Poland and Switzerland. Widely published, since 1977 he has been the general editor for the annual /Research in Political Economy/ which addresses economic and political issues from the perspective of the social classes involved. He has authored /Toward a Theory of Economic Development/, edited /Frontiers in Econometrics/, and co-edited /Essays in Modern Capital Theory/. He has been union president on campus and currently is its grievance officer for academics.

Dr. Paul Zarembka's Presentation:

"Paul Zarembka will present evidence that 9-11-2001 was a terrorist event quite distinct from that suggested by the proselytizing official sources. He will present the case he finds most convincing that Arabs had nothing to do with the operation and that it was far more likely a Machiavellian State Terror operation. He will also point to a significant activist attempt, centered around, to have a new and independent investigation of 9-11 undertaken in the city most effected, New York."

Sylvain Henry (EMPLOYMENT SATYAGRAHA: "Help us create sustainable employment today")

Sylvain henry has begun spreading the news to leaders (via High Commissioners and Ambassadors) that the only sure way to stop the Great Recession of 2009 was by helping to create sustainable employment and by assisting the more successful small and medium-sized companies of the world, since they are the economic and employment engines of the world economies. Sylvain is suggesting a simple solution on how this can be done. Sylvain is also inviting employers to attend this truth event, and all employers who promote sustainable employment opportunities at the 9/11 Satygraha will be considered a sponsor of the event. Sylvain is the organizer of this global event.

Preparing for the event:

-Bring 2 blank index cards and a pen
-Bring your business cards, even homemade ones
-Bring a camera cell phone if you have one. You may add critical phone numbers in your phone directory
-Please arrive early or carpool to ensure you have a good parking spot
-If you invite others to join you at the event, please make sure they email me to get their seat reserved.

Peace, Prosperity, Truth

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  1. Thank you Sylvain for hosting this wonderful Event. The video's are posting now on youtube. Thanks to everyone for making it all such a success!