Sunday, August 16, 2009

Invitation to attend Satygraha 2009:

Invitation to attend Satygraha 2009:

Should you be in the national capital region of Canada on Sept 11, 2009, you are cordially invited to attend a historic event, one that celebrates the day of creation of Satyagraha, a celebration of truth as a force for social progress. On Sept. 11, members of Trustland Recession Survivors will host Satyagraha 2009 to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi`s invention of Truth Force (Satyagraha) on Sept 11, 1906 in Johannesburg, South Africa. At our event, 3 modern day Satyagrahis (Dr. ANDREW MOULDEN, Dr. PAUL ZAREMBKA, and Dr. SHIV CHOPRA) will be sharing their courageous truthquests with us.

The event is free, but there are limited seats at the live event (only 300) so please reserve your seat early by contacting or by phone at 613-552-1090 The program of the event will be emailed to confirmed participants.

To become a sponsor of the event just add one of our prayers to your blogs, tweets or sites

"Help us create sustainable employment today"
"Help us create sustainable health and wellness today"
"Help spread 9/11 Satyagraha"
"9/11 Truth: Key To Peace"

"May the forces of truth and love bring us all closer to global peace, prosperity and justice."
Help spread the 9/11 Satyagraha

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