Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project Global Hologram

Everyone has noticed that the frequency of natural disasters and man-made disasters is rapidly increasing. Rarely a week goes by that we do not hear about epidemics, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, oil-leaks, radiation leaks, recessions, foreclosures, corruption, wars, drone attacks, missile launches. Some of us have had enough of mainstream news on man-made suffering but few know what to do to prevent or stop this suffering. Out of desperation many resolve to resort to revolt, creating yet another problem. No matter how cathartic revolutions may be, they usually bring only temporary benefit. This video is intended for all those who wish to achieve a worthwhile cause and make it last.

A new way to bring about the “change we need to see in our world” is the Hologram Approach for Social Progress. This approach creates change the moment like-minds meet at public places to discuss, honestly and openly, the “common vision” they desire. There is no law to prevent people from meeting and sharing their views with friends.

The like-minds must be at least eight in number and must share at least three common goals in a “whole group message” which we call the hologram. The word hologram comes from two Greek words that mean “whole message”. In modern usage a hologram is a 3D image whose individual elements contain the same whole image, the same whole message. If you look at a piece of a hologram it contains the same image of the whole. Nature itself has holograms. Every cell of a human body contains the DNA or “whole message” of the entire body. You could clone an entire human from an individual finger cell because it contains the entire body's hologram.

Popular goals for a social hologram include the following: 1) The struggle for clean air (ie air that is free from chemtrails) 2) The struggle for clean water (water that is free from fluorides) and 3) The struggle for clean food (ie food that is free from man-made pesticides and man-made genetic modifications). If eight or more people shared these points in common and committed to meet in front of a public landmark to discuss how the vision can be achieved they will make progress. Passersby would be attracted to the vision and the group grows and solutions surface. When the group grows to a critical size social change happens and this change will be long lasting providing the vision is based on truth. The hologram will produce solutions and solidarity towards the intended goals. Your hologram members may even produce their own hologram groups as well.

These meetings should be both fun and functional. People could use the meeting to do other things such as barter, sing, or shoot & share photos. The element of fun should be introduced, fun for all ages.

If you are adventuresome, create your own social hologram before May 1st and let me know if it is a fun and functional option to public protests. If you are setting up a hologram for your city let me know if you need more members. Please remember that there must be at least eight people in your social hologram. I will explain the reason why in the next video I post in my Youtube channel.
Peace, Prosperity, Truth from Hologram Ottawa

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