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"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." -Mohandas K. Gandhi

This newsletter is written by the caring and courageous members and friends of the Mass Action Demand group who are concerned about global problems such as climate geoengineering. It is distributed to our members worldwide "every time we have a sufficient number of new articles and ads". This edition is dedicated to Peace between North and South Korea.

Achievements: Many of us are working to increase public awareness about the issues involved in geoengineering and chemtrail spraying. In this section we will share the ongoing achievements of those of us who have achieved significant results and list the names of those who are championing this cause in the most peaceful and credible ways. The greatest breakthrough our group hopes for is for one of us to get their national leader to write an official written response to our questions on chemtrails and geoengineering.

@Delia Cummings: Obtained written government response.
@Michelle Kenny: Obtained written government response.
@Michael Murphy Tmp: Produced the Movie, “What in the World are They Spraying?”
@Sylvain Henry: Letter to leaders Campaign. Interfaith Prayer Day. Radio show interview on chemtrails. (2nd radio show on Dec. 9)

Skies Of Blue Team Champions: E. Hariono, R. Lopez, L. Edwards, E. Miller, T. St. Amand, M. Frechette, K. Lehrke, J. Wynne, K. Singleton

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Articles: All articles are from our members and their friends. Some articles express feelings, some have a strong research focus, and others are more action oriented. The purpose of these articles is to share our spirit, research, actions and achievements.

Solidarity Meme To Increase Public Awareness About Geoengineering @Sylvain Henry
Signs Of The Normalization of Chemtrail Skies In Our World @Delia Cummings
Home for the Winter @Tonya Belden
What in the World Are They Spraying? @Michael MurphyTmp
If It Wasn’t so Blatant, I’d call Me Crazy Too!! @Keri L. Singleton
What Is In A Word? @Karen Lehrke
Geoengineering: Where have our skies of blue gone? Eri Hariono

Solidarity Meme To Increase Public Awareness About Geoengineering @Sylvain Henry

Since childhood I have always believed that most people are good. I still believe that today, regardless of the horrible hardships some people are creating for others. Many of the man-made problems we are facing in the world are only partly the result of greed, but mainly the result of ignorance of the truth. I thought that education and the media were supposed to inform us about the critical truths of our society. I was wrong. neither the media nor the department of education of a nation will dare oppose any government agenda even if it was for the greater good of a society’s citizens. Such is the case with chemtrails and geoengineering. An ever-growing multitude of common citizens are observing what courageous experts are proving through research: chemtrails are real and they are possibly dangerous. Many of us have asked our national leaders for an official response about chemtrails being sprayed over our nation but they are silent. Their silence is another proof that chemtrails are real.

If the government, the media and teachers are not willing to talk about this social danger then what can we do to repel and dissolve deliberate misinformation about chemtrails? The answer is simple. let’s create and share a “solidarity meme”. This idea works and I tested it last year. Please search the phrase "help us create sustainable employment today" in Google, one of my first solidarity memes. You will see there are many search results hits. The reason for that is simply because many people agreed with this meme, identified with it and added it to their blogs, tweets and websites. We can do the same in our search for the truth behind chemtrails. If we can come up with a popular solidarity meme then people will share it, search engines will automatically share it also. Then those searching for this topic, including lawmakers and national leaders will listen to us a bit more. Do you have a solidarity meme to suggest? Please let me know if you do and we will spread it together. “Join the growing multitude who know why chemtrails become clouds.” Sylvain

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Signs Of The Normalization of Chemtrail Skies In Our World @Delia Cummings

I am not a big television watcher or the type of person who pays much attention to advertising. When I do watch a TV show or read an ad in a magazine, I am always looking at the background to see if the sky is visible in someway. I often see chemtrails now, either actual footage of them or many times, a graphic artist's rendition of them.
Intentionally and sometimes unintentionally chemtrails have seeped into many modes of communication.

-Book Covers
-Advertisements for banks, health insurance, cars and beer
-Cartoons such as Dragon Ball Z, Hoodwinked (animated movie) and Pokemon
-They are on the first screen that you see on your computer for Windows Vista
-They are on an Advertisement for Disney World

-Candid Photos
-Movies such as Easy Rider (which was made in 1969), Napolean Dynamite and Happy Gilmore
-TV Shows such as Ghost Adventures. In one episode they actually point to a chemtrail X that is menacing and grey over them saying it might be a bad omen. I don't think they knew how right they were!

We need to be aware of this. It is going unnoticed by the general public. People are starting to "normalize" the site of huge white lines and hazy clouds in the sky. The worst part to me is the kids. They don't really remember the sky any other way. That is now being reinforced by many forms of media. Point it out to others, especially your kids and let them know it is anything but Normal.

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Home for the Winter @Tonya Belden

I get off the road in November each year and stay home through the winter.I home school my son through fall and he goes to public school in the winter and spring. This year he asked if he could join cubscouts.Not knowing much about cubscouts, I agreed to let him.He had his first cubscout meeting this week. I was not aware that the cubscouts were training future soldiers who have no will to question authority.I know you are wondering what this has to do with chemtrails. Just bare with me.

The cub- boyscout promise which my son is to memorize and recite reads-"I promise to do my best to do my duty to God and country to help other people and to obey the law of the pack." "Obey the law of the pack means you do what Akela asks you to do.Be a good scout and be proud that you are one." I went home that night and tried to talk my son into changing his mind about cubscouts. He insisted that all his friends are in cubscouts and that it was important to him. After he went to bed I went on line to learn more about chemtrails when I came across this article called German Scientist exposes chemtrails as Military Operation. As I was reading the story I began to think about the cubscout meeting. The way the children were being molded to be good soldiers. If the chemtrailing of the world is being carried out by the militaries of the world then it is the soldiers that we need to get to. Reaching the soldiers is our first line of defense against the aerosol assault on the citizens of this country and the rest of the world. Lately it has become obvious to me that this is a military operation being preformed by every super power in the world. There is a weather control race that is taking place around the world and even though the United States Government is not owning up to it. Other governments have no problem taking credit for their breakthroughs in weather modification. The Beijing Weather Modification Office proudly boast about the Manufactured snow they have produced this month. As it turns out China claims to be the leader in the weather modification race. If they are claiming the lead in the race you know the United States has entered. As long as good soldiers are brain washed into doing what ever they are told the weather race will never end.It will go on forever just like the space race and the weapons race.

I do not want to believe that we are being poisoned for the purpose of population reduction. I however do believe that the long term health risk is of little importance to the governments which have entered this weather modification race. If you believe the government can control the weather or not,you would be a fool to believe they are not trying to. I hope I can talk my boy out of cubscouts.I plan to offer him other options. I will not force him to give scouts up though. That would make me just as guilty as them of trying to destroy my son’s free will.

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What in the World Are They Spraying? @Michael MurphyTmp

Concerned Citizens Demand Answers about Global Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering Programs

What would you say if you were told that airplanes were regularly spraying toxic aerosols in the skies above every major region of the world? That is exactly what a group of protestors were claiming outside of the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting that was held in San Diego from February 18-22. However, inside the convention center was a different story. The scientists gathered to discuss the “plausibility” of implementing various Geo-engineering campaigns throughout the world, all under the guise that the Earth has a man-made global warming problem that can be solved in-part by spraying aerosol aluminum and other particles into the sky to block the sun. When these scientists were asked about the possibility of existing aerosol programs; they stated that no aerosol spraying programs have been implemented to date. A little confused? Why would protestors gather outside of a meeting making claims that world-wide aerosol programs were under way if scientist were only now discussing the possibility of implementing these programs? Could it be that one of these groups is being deceived?

Mauro Oliveira, the Webmaster of, was one of the protestors. He claimed that the program for Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering (SAG), AKA chemtrails, has been well under way around the world. As a matter of fact, Oliveira stated that witnesses from around the globe claim that heavy aerosol spraying is occurring almost every day over just about every city. He went on to explain the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. He stated that when a jet airplane flies at a certain altitude, a visible trail of streaks of condensed water vapor sometimes form in the wake of the aircraft. This is called a contrail. Contrails are normal and usually dissipate in a few seconds. They are very similar to when we breathe in cold weather. According to Oliveira, what occurs behind a SAG plane spraying aerosols is quite different. What can be seen is a thick white line also called a chemtrail that lingers in the sky for several hours. The SAG lines are sprayed into the upper atmosphere and then spread out forming what then appear to be clouds. The particles from these aerosols then fall to the ground where they enter our soil and water and can also be inhaled.

Another group of protestors had traveled over 10 hours from a small Shasta County community in Northern California. They became concerned about SAG when many from this community began to see dramatic changes not only in the sky, but also on the ground. Trees were dying, grass was not growing and many farmers were having difficulty getting any crops to grow on their farms. The crisis prompted biologists from the community to take action by testing the soil. The results were shocking. Aluminum, barium and other elements were found to be up to thousands of times higher than normal limits. Such high quantities lead to unhealthy PH levels in the soil which can be deadly to ecological life systems. These shocking results led to additional testing of Lake Shasta with samples from the Pit River arm tributary that tested over 4,610 times the maximum contamination level of aluminum allowed in drinking water in the state of California. Also, peer reviewed scientific studies conclude that bio-available aluminum, now found in huge quantities in rain world-wide, is very harmful to flora and thus the eco-system. Ironically, these are the same substances the scientists are considering implementing in the various potential “future” aerosol spraying campaigns that were being discussed at the meeting.

A large number of other protesters became interested in SAG after experiencing burning eyes, migraine headaches, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and other health problems on days that airplanes were allegedly witnessed spraying aerosols in the sky. Deborah Whitman, Founder and President of the non-profit environmental organization Environmental Voices and also Producer of the documentary “Sky Lines” is no stranger to these symptoms. She has been hospitalized over 51 times on what she calls “heavy spraying days”. Whitman has committed her life to helping people who claim to be experiencing similar problems resulting from aerosol spraying and gets calls from all over the U.S. in response to her website and documentary. Her recommended health tips can be found at Other indicators that possibly validate the claim that SAG is connected to health problems are the respiratory mortality rate, which has risen from eight on the list of mortality to third in the past five years, and the fact that Alzheimer’s and other illnesses linked to aluminum have continued to rise around the globe at astronomical rates since the inception of the alleged spraying.

The AAAS meeting hosted some of the world’s leading geo-engineering scientists. With years of education and even more experience in their respected fields, the scientists looked at geo-engineering issues from many angles. Workshop subjects ranged from, the effectiveness of geo-engineering to potential problems and even touched upon the issue of ethics. According to independent reporter Stewart Howe of Los Angeles, all of the scientists seemed to be looking for solutions to what they believe is the problem of global warming. Howe stated that the scientists appeared to be carefully weighing both the pros and cons of SAG when presenting potential campaigns to address the man-made global warming theory. Many were actually advocating alternative methods to combat this issue due to the potential risks of SAG that include droughts, ozone depletion, less solar power, decimated weather patterns, military use of technology and other various environmental impacts. Howe said, “after witnessing the aerosol spraying for years, I was surprised by the discourse among scientists.” Stewart went on to say that he believes that most of the scientists attending seemed to be separated from the knowledge of any current SAG deployment. As a matter of fact when asked about current SAG operations, leading geo-engineering scientist Ken Caldiera replied that he was unaware of any current aerosol spraying operations and when prompted to explain the long lingering trails left behind planes, he stated that they are simply normal contrails from jets.

David Keith, another leading scientist and expert in the field of geo-engineering, discussed the well-funded studies that have been conducted to predict potential future risks as well as benefits associated with geo-engineering. Some of the potential benefits include a cooler planet, and the reduction of melting sea ice and rising sea levels. Keith discussed what aerosol particles would be most effective in achieving the stated goals of the SAG program. He went on to say that initially sulfur was considered, however, aluminum is more effective and can be used by adding ten to twenty mega-tons per year into the stratosphere. When asked about health related studies that have been conducted to predict the potential risks of adding the particles in our air, Keith stated that many studies have been completed and indicate few risks. However, when asked specifically about the use of aluminum as an aerosol, he said “we haven’t done anything serious on aluminum, so there could be something terrible that we will find tomorrow that we haven't looked at." After the meeting, Keith showed consideration to the protesters by initiating a discussion about the SAG program outside where the protestors were standing. When confronted with concerns about SAG deployment from the group, he went on to say that he shared similar views and is against any deployment until proper research is completed to determine potential risks of aerosol spraying. He also went on to say that he is unaware of any current SAG operations, but, would be willing to look at any scientific proof if presented to him.

As the skies around our world continue to change, there is strong evidence that points toward current deployment of massive aerosol operations. Could it be that scientific data and studies are being used to implement pre-mature full-scale SAG programs with-out the knowledge of the top scientists who are involved with the research? If so, what kind of ethical considerations can we expect from the geo-engineering community in the future? It is hard to believe that the strange white lines in the skies witnessed around the world and the toxic elements found in the soil, water and air are from an unrelated source. We the people, in partnership with the scientific community need to challenge not only the environmental and health risks associated with SAG but also the numerous world-wide allegations about current deployment. It is imperative that we become educated and involved in uncovering the truth of this alleged crime against both nature and humanity. The future of our planet depends on it. As concerns continue to grow around the world about this issue, additional information including meet-up groups can be found on various chemtrail and geo-engineering websites.

Michael J. Murphy


If It Wasn’t so Blatant, I’d call Me Crazy Too!! Keri L. Singleton

“Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air?” “How about we go take a walk in the fresh air to clear our heads?” “The forecast calls for blue skies with warm weather.” “The skies are blue and clear, with little chance of rain.”

Unfortunately, the above sentences are rarely true anymore, least not as far as I can see. It would be impossible to say when I first noticed that the skies did not look normal. If a time had to be nailed down, I’d say it was only in the last year that I became totally aware of what is going on far above my head. It took longer for me to research and accept that the symptoms I have during these onslaughts of “chem trails” are indeed caused from what is falling from the sky and in the air, from these planes.

The internet, thankfully, is still free enough that one can go online and type in a word like “chem trails” and find a wealth of information. There is no way in this world I would want to believe that something sinister is falling from those planes making me and millions of others, sick. Unfortunately, this appears to be exactly what is going on, blatantly.

What I have to say is that it feels like an impossible mission to get whoever is doing this horrible spraying to stop. What I know from my research is that the only way change ever happened was for people to be dedicated to see it happen. Having grown up in the 70’s and 80’s, I’m extremely happy that I honestly remember blue skies that went on forever. I have seen crystal clear skies in the mountains of Colorado, as well as our own near our Great Lake, Superior. California is a state I was lucky enough to live in twice. The ocean, the sky, the smell of the air, are things I will never forget.

Growing up near where I live now in Upper Michigan, over the border in Wisconsin, we enjoyed clear skies of blue, which allowed us to grow many crops that helped sustain us. We never had to worry about our soil being bombarded with chemicals from the sky. If someone had told me when I was a kid that one day these blue skies would be gone and we would yearn to see them again, I’d say that person had better find a hobby because their paranoia is getting the better of them.

Today, the evidence is overwhelming and flabbergasting. In this past year, I have taken thousands of chem trail shots. I have taken videos from our property, showing the merciless spraying of the air during sundown, as well as all day long. Burning eyes, throat, chest, and sinuses, mixed with nausea and mood swings, are some of my symptoms experienced during heavy spray times. It has been my experience to notice that there is no way in the world that these trails I am seeing with my own eyes come from normal condensation trails left from normal aircraft. My symptoms cannot be ignored. I have seen with my own eyes particles in the sky after spraying.

If I had not seen these trails with my own eyes and recorded them enough times to prove that they are not normal, I’d say that people perpetuating these conspiracy theories had better find a hobby. If I had not experienced the burning sinuses and other symptoms, I’d be like most other people surrounding me that refuse to even consider something so sinister could be going on.

Having lived on a military base for a time during my service, I can say I never remember any military aircraft leaving chem trails across the sky such as we see today. Military aircraft was everywhere and all I can remember is beautiful blue skies of California; not hideous ugly trails across the sky that stay for hours.

People, I have contacted my congressmen, to no avail. Washington said they have no idea about this. I have done my level best to educate people about what I have learned. Truth be told; most people would rather watch American Idol or Army Wives, rather than wake up, look up, and see what is going on. I have nothing against people watching television, I have everything against me and my family being used as some part of world wide experiment or actual mission.

We are not subjects, we are people. We have a Divine right to certain things. Breathing, drinking water, getting and growing safe food, as well as choosing what we will do with our health. What chance do we have against this onslaught? I feel extremely hopeful by the things I have read and the people I have seen doing great things. Movies, documentaries, newscasts, as well as increased public awareness is the only way I see to change things and have a chance at stopping this apparent attack on our health and well-being. Reports of Morgellons disease, as well as the life expectancy going way down in the last decade here in the states gives me nightmares. The only hope I have is in the masses, the masses waking up, before it is too late. I’d say it makes me feel better to know that we are not the only country being afflicted, but that would be a lie. I feel devastated that this is going on all over the world. Being a huge believer in Karma, if the United States was the only one being affected, I might feel that we are paying for the hideous crimes of our previous generations: ie, slavery, and slaughter of native Americans. The fact that this appears to be going on most everywhere makes it downright terrifying.

I want to go outside in the summer next year and not see the endless jets going by leaving their aerosol hell behind them. I want my son to grow up, have a family, and enjoy the blue skies with his children. I want people to wake up, look up, and shake things up. Whether it’s contacting your government, writing about your experiences in forums such as this one, taking and posting pictures, or simple telling people to get educated about what they see in the sky; it all makes a difference.

To be treated as an experiment fills me with such sadness and powerlessness that I often am driven to tears when I see these chemical-laden “clouds” falling to Earth. The memories of how the skies used to be gives me hope. Not for one second do I think that the powers that be will be victorious in whatever their quest may be. Humans have a desire to live and make it, regardless of circumstances. To be part of the populace that is informed and awake gives me strength and hope. To see so many people unawakened and asleep while they get poisoned nearly daily gives me purpose. No matter how many don’t believe or don’t want to believe, it’s my belief that soon, very soon, if it is not stopped, we will all be forced to face reality, like it or not.

We share this Earth. We share life here on this planet. We need to share our urge to survive and flourish, with every chance we get. Share the message of life, of hope, and truth. It doesn’t matter how many don’t believe us, what matters is that we keep trying, or I’m afraid future generations will be forever disappointed in us. Please, look up, wake up, and get involved.

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What Is In A Word? @K. Lehrke

Geoengineering is the specific word I will be referring to. According to Wikipedia this is the modern concept of the word.

“The modern concept of geoengineering (or climate engineering) is usually taken to mean proposals to deliberately manipulate the Earth's climate to counteract the effects of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions. The National Academy of Sciences defined geoengineering as "options that would involve large-scale engineering of our environment in order to combat or counteract the effects of changes in atmospheric chemistry." [1] IPCC (2007) concluded that geoengineering options, such as ocean fertilization to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, remained largely unproven.[2] It was judged that reliable cost estimates for geoengineering had not yet been published.”

If you research this word in depth you will find government documents and patents for aerosol spraying and weather modification, a.k.a. CHEMTRAILS. This is Not a conspiracy theory it is a documented program passed by the United States Congress without the consent of the people. It is going on throughout many countries of the world. There is mountains of documentation as to what these chemtrails consist of. Some of what is being sprayed is Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and Nano particles that contain a long list of nasty items.

The real proof can be seen with the naked eye if one is willing to take their head out of the sand and take a look around in nature.

The easiest thing you can do is look up into the sky. Everyday observe what is going on up there and you will be amazed at what you see. As a child I can remember laying in the grass looking up into a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds floating by. Today when I look up I see planes spewing out milky white streams that change into strange cloud formations and blanket the entire sky from morning until night. It is rare when I am able to see blue skies and sunshine.

Wash your car and then observe it the next day and consecutive days after and watch the strange dust accumulate on it. Or after it rains how filthy it is. Just exactly what is causing this?

If you live in a cold state where it snows pay close attention to what the snowflakes look like. This is a picture of snow on cement steps.
Since when did snowflakes become hairy cylinder shaped spheres?

Pay attention to your body and your health as well as your loved ones. Are you feeling flu like symptoms, allergies, aches and pains, joint stiffness, respiratory conditions, nose bleeds, nausea, many days when there is massive cloud coverage? Something to pay attention to.

So as one can see there is more to this word called Geoengineering than what these pseudo scientists are trying to sell to the public.
I have only touched on a few of the problems behind this word. I am asking people to open their minds and their eyes and start to really pay attention to the world around you so that there may be a world to pass onto our children and grand children.
Karen Lehrke

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. " - Edmund Burke

Geoengineering: Where have our skies of blue gone? Eri Hariono

Where I live now -a vast archipelago as the biggest underwater biodiversity in the world which consist 17,508 islands and only 1,000 inhabited and it has the longest coastline in the world 100,000 kms long with 4,500 marine species- used to have ‘regular’ rainfall pattern that usually arrives around October and lasts until April next year. The dry season here usually starts in April until October. The rainy and dry season pattern usually comes at regular time each year since I was a kid. However, my family as well as my friends and I have been noticing something has changed quite drastically: the rainfall and dry pattern for the past few years. We have no idea anymore, whether we are in dry season, or rainy season. In the past, when someone (non-Indonesians) asked, in December what season are you having? Our respond would definitely be: we are in rainy season. If you live in a four season’s country in the western part of this blue planet, can you imagine if your winter season is starting on May?

In February 2002, Jakarta had the worst flood, knocked-down over approximate 70 % of all regions in DKI-Jakarta. For 3 decades, this is never happening before. I remember, at that time we had torrential rains for almost 7 days non-stop from dusk till dawn every day. A study by a university from Semarang, Jawa Tengah in 2009 explained that this flood event caused by the monsoon effect. Five years later, around end of January 2007, similar disaster was happening again, with less impact as we had in February 2002. Though, still many Jakarta citizens temporarily evacuated for their safety and lived in tents.

In the past two years, during dry season, we often experienced very hot weather during the day, and even at nights. Our sweats were capable to make our t-shirts, pants and bed sheets become completely wet like we were playing under the heavy rains. Our brains and our body felt as if a candle light was melted into liquid. Our heads somehow were like being decompressed in a room. The humidity was intensively dancing on us. It was hard for us merely to concentrate on what we were doing, even only to read a magazine. It was not only hot, in addition we felt a combination of dizzy and drowsy, as if your mind is being blown away somewhere. In another occasion, surprisingly, there are days around December, that we felt so cold, like biting and scratching our bones.

Furthermore, especially for the past two years, when I was outside I notice something different in the sky. Somehow I had a hunch that the color and the pattern of this big and huge roof has became a bit bizarre. Not many often I could see the clear blue sky that able to uplift your mood and energize your spirit. Most of the days, I have been going through gloomy rather grey-white sky. It is like to a big grey-white layer covering up my city from above. At a glimpse, it looks like the heavy clouds are gathering in unity when the rain is ready to fall, or this is the result of heavy air pollution? We had no clue at all. Just an on-going discussion with family and friends that our city is heavily polluted in many aspects: air, water, land, noise pollution.

Based on those events, we feel the weather has become abnormal. At first, we blamed the heavy pollution that has been going around for a decade now and the global warming. It amazed me how this term of global warming recently has also changed became climate change. A euphemism?

Since I knew the word of chemtrails and then few months afterwards read the term of geo-engineering from the group “Mass Action Demand: Chemtrails & Geoengineering” initiated by Sylvain Henry from Canada, I have been wondering whether all these abnormal weather I and also many other people here have been experiencing most likely could be the result of geo-engineering. Let’s assume, if everything goes normal and the nature plays its roles naturally for decades, then how come the weather is able to change itself from its course without any interference? It is believed, there are certain factors have interfered into our mother earth. If these interfere were natural –not a man-made- then why causing ailments and illness to people? “Tiada Asap Tanpa Api” which literally means “There is no smoke without fire”, this popular proverb from my country connects the dots of my wonderings. We can see these days people have been going through more various diseases compare to few decades ago that we never or rarely found.

Some scientists admitted, geo-engineering may not work as expected, in fact could impose large unintended consequences on the climate system. Environmental scientist Alan Robock, from Rutgers University cited the potential drawbacks to geoengineering, and one of them is fewer blue skies. I have been reading a lot about chemtrails and geo-engineering due to my curiosity, and found out even weather can be modified or manipulated and can be even controlled to overcome the climate change a.k.a. global warming. I strongly believe what has been happening to your sky –no matter where you are on this blue planet- somehow affects my sky too. We are living on the same planet, the mother earth and dwell under the same one big roof, our skies of blue.

Actions: Those who are interested in getting involved in the movement to know the truth about chemtrails may consider doing some of the following actions:

-Share our newsletter link (Tweet it, text it, mail it, meme it, print it, post it, blog it, share it, fax it, USB it)
-Introduce yourself to our group by writing a few words about yourself on our Facebook group wall
-Provide constructive feedback on this newsletter
-Build a media list with us
-Present a slideshow on Chemtrails to your community
-Contact achievers and authors directly via email or video chat (Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk)
-Include our meme in your Internet presence
-Submit an article, poem or song for our newsletter (distribution to 700 subscribers) and to your local media
-Dec .7 Action to withdraw some money for your bank for one day only This is part of a global action
-Share your opinions in our global online discussions
-Suggest chemtrail and geoengineering search words and phrases
-Email your national leader to ask for an official response regarding chemtrails
-Translate this newsletter in your native language and share it in your own community
-Organize a local Text-a-thon (you may send me a sample text message 613-600-5323 )
-Create a pamphlet/poster and share it with us so we can distribute it to the multitudes
-Suggest a school project that can be promoted in this newsletter
-Organize your own local coffee chat meetings (Sundays at 2 pm is an ideal time)

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#Ottawa Seeking to borrow a laptop projector. We now have access to a small cinema hall for our meetings! The hall seats 200, has a projection room and a stage. I am looking for a person with a laptop projector so we can share our presentations and videos with others. -sylvain henry
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"Unilateral Planetary-Scale Geoengineering" ( term discovered by Eri Hariono)
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Cloud Seeding
Cloud Seeding Carbon Dioxide
Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding
Smoke Clouds
Stratospheric Arial Spraying
Hydroscopic Smoke
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Cloud Modification And Weather Control And Aerosolization Process
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Weather Manipulation
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Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering
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“Mass Action Demand members Pray for Peace between the two Koreas.”

[Prayer intentions from our members will be inserted here each day and translated in Korean.]

Today, may the citizens of the Western World share the fruits of their spirit with the children, women and men of North Korea: love, joy, peace, endurance, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and self-control

-sylvain henry (Canada)

"We are like pillars of light in all corners of the world, and can let the branches in the trees send poetry and hopes to each other in a love- forest of beautiful souls across borders, so can the migratory birds carry messages across the ocean and sea, so our flowers can grow of joy.

Peace and Love from

-Asbjørn Rødberg (Norway)

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  1. Thank you for your articles. We are no longer alone. Inform us about the chemtrails. In all countries of the world.

  2. I am and I will be interviewed on radio today in Ottawa for one hour to discuss chemtrails.