Friday, September 24, 2010

Your Invitation to Upgrade Democracy

LOCATION: Auditorium of Ottawa's Main Public Library (Metcalfe & Laurier)
EVENT: Televised "All Mayoral Candidates" S.T.A.R. Debate and Discussion
DATE: 10-10-10 at 1 pm

613-600-LEAD (to RSVP)

You are invited to attend a televised "equal opportunity" mayoral candidates debate, hopefully a fresh new model for democracy in every city. Mayoral candidates are being offered equal time to deliver point summaries of their priorities and promises, debate with other candidates selected at random, and answer questions from an on-site and on-line engaged audience. This event is the first of several steps being taken by concerned citizens to re-democratize government city-by-city. Democracy needs an urgent upgrade in both its processes and its popularity and the ideal place to start upgrading the democratic electoral process is at the municipal level, on a level playing field. The event should also introduce a new meaning to political participation.

Sponsors of this event from the city's corporations and organizations are being invited to help set a positive and productive tone for this event by sharing "good news bulletins" with the audience and the mayoral candidates. To increase community participation in this event, a novel "question room" is being set up to allow the community to add to the event by coming up with the best questions to ask candidates as well as each other. Intermunicipal participation is this event is encouraged (i.e. Mayoral candidates from distant municipalities may attend in-person or on-line). The event's main themes are: "Service, Transparency, Accountability, Representation (STAR)". All media is welcomed to attend and encouraged to offer all candidates equal coverage. Live Internet video feed is being made available to remote viewers. Confirmed attendees will be emailed a detailed program. The program includes the profiles and priorities of the mayoral candidates.

To attend, sponsor, or volunteer for the live event, please contact the organizer. Only 200 seats are available so the public is advised to reserve their seats in advance. Citizens with mobility, audio or visual limitations should arrive 15 minutes earlier. Simultaneous sign language interpretation will be provided from the stage. Ideas/Questions for mayoral candidates (in text, video or audio format) may be submitted to the organizer before the event or to the candidates directly (see 2010 Election list on the city's website).

sylvain henry, organizer
Network of Mayoral Candidates

(613)600-LEAD (24 hr hotline till Dec. 31,2010) OR

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