Monday, December 28, 2015

Website Promotion for Changemakers

Our world is becoming a better place because of the progress brought about by innovators of all kinds. Scientific and technological innovations abound, much of it beneficial to the common person because they are tangible,  useful and accessible.   Social innovations are not as tangible, even though social progress is perhaps the most important progress humanity can bring about.  That's why it's more difficult to design and promote websites for changemakers. Difficult but not insurmountable.

Mahatma Gandhi had his local newspaper, Martin Luther King Jr. had his pulpit but if both were alive today they most certainly would be making a website.

This week's post will be for the benefit of changemakers and will offer a practical checklist of what they should consider when making a website for their cause, for their social innovation.

Website Promotion Checklist: (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Is the mission statement and vision statement of your cause clearly stated on your homepage?
Have you written a blog to officially welcome visitors to your website?  A website launch is a one shot deal?

3. Have you optimized all the meta-tags for every web-page of your website?
4. Have you prepared at least 20 blog articles to promote your site at optimal times each day for two weeks?
5. Have you optimized all your email signatures? (Have you reviewed the list of 100 client/sponsor touch points?)
6. Have you added social media share buttons on you website?
7. Have you prepared posts and tweets for the first two weeks?
​8. Have you Included a blog section in your website so you can invite like-minds to post there?
9. Have you reviewed your list of visitor external and internal touch-points.  Do you have call to action links?
10. Have you included links to your sponsors and frequent blog contributors?

The Benefits of Social-Entrepreneur Websites over Traditional Websites: (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Social entrepreneurs usually help local communities and are often promoted by the local media for free.
2. You can promote yourself on Google Maps and get more local phone calls than your external competition.
3. You can promote monthly and even daily meet-up events on your website.
4. Promote and attract community sponsors. (example: Recruiting Companies, Training Companies...)
5. You can promote "Lunch and Learn" on your site and give live presentations to your local audience.
6. You can post local photos and videos of the changes you are causing in your community.
7. You can optimize your site for local search top-ranking engine results.
8. You can attract the attention and collaboration of like-minded changemakers in other cities.
9. You can become the first hub of social-entrepreneurs in your community.
10. You will attract the attention of local leaders and politicians.

Must have upgrades on your website for 2016! (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Recorded webinars about your cause.
2. Live-streaming events.
3. Links to quality audios.
4. Mobile-friendly design since more people view the Internet on the go in their smartphones and tablets.
5. Website should be modifiable from people on the go via a smartphone. 
6. Some degree of website marketing automation.
7. Better access to website visitor stats.
8. Automated sponsor referral program.
9. Secure eCommerce functionality for financial donors.
10. Secure IdeaBank functionality for idea donors, project donors, interns, volunteers.

Promote your website through your Events Page! (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Schedule daily events on your events calendar page. Coffeechats to avoid rush hour traffic are popular daily events
2. Schedule weekly activity events like chatwalks or swimchats (at the hot-tub of a public indoor pool)
3. Schedule monthly "lunch and learn" events at a potential client or sponsor site.
4. Schedule a yearly event public service event (Jobathons, food drives, talent show...)
5. Schedule live-stream events right from your website!
6. Schedule a telephone or skype conference.
7. Use event management web-tools like Meet-up or Eventbrite.
8. List all the public events and conferences you will be attending throughout the year on your event page calendar.
9. Share videos of your successful events on your events page.
​10. Create a "changemaker" event and invite other local changemakers at your event as speakers or performers!

Promote your website through your Blog Page! (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Post new articles on your own blog page only at peak Internet times for the different social media sites.
2. Invite like-minded changemakers to write original articles that you post on your page for them. Then promote it.
3. Write blog articles on other blog sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Wordpress...) about your website and your organization 
4. Write blog articles about your sponsors or clients.
5. Invite your clients or sponsors to write blog articles about your organization.
6. Invite the mainstream and alternative media to write articles about a popular blog article on your page.
7. Optimize the meta-tags for your blog page for the main contributors to your blog page.
8. Write articles on current news items in your area of business and philanthropy.
9. Write a blog article about uniting changemakers in your area in an informal network.
10. Create invitation articles about your upcoming scheduled events on your event page. 

Promote your website by joining national or worldwide alliances of changemakers

1. Project: Changemaker Tsunami (CT):  Details will be announced in a separate article in January -sylvain henry

What are your top ten?

-Sylvain (click here for other articles written by me)

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