Friday, July 22, 2011

Declaration of War Against Lies

Declaration of War Against Lies (2nd draft )(add your ideas for this draft below dotted line)

Regrettably, there is ample evidence of government lies about many subjects that affect us all such as the truth about aerosol geoengineering, a “slow crime” against humanity already in progress in at least 27 nations. Now there are sufficient numbers of citizens who are absolutely convinced we are being lied to and they have the proof to say that with unshakable confidence. Enough is enough, the masses demand action.

On their behalf, my first message to the the governments of the world who care little about those who gave them the power to lead: Today, on July 22nd, 2011 The citizens of the world declare war on all oppressive lies starting with lies about geoengineering. The war for Truth is on. The new battlefields are social media sites, blogs, vlogs and tweets. Soldiers of Truth are of all ages, all beliefs, all genders, and from all nations. The choice of weapons will be words, fact-filled power-packed words, words that will fly like arrows to their mark at web-speed and with constructive force. We will win. We will win with words. Truth will triumph with no casualties on either side. On the side of Truth a formidable allied force is now gathering, the coalition of the incorruptible will be unstoppable. Our truth-force is so strong it will even save our enemies.

Peace, Prosperity, Truth

July 22, 2011

Signed by the following people and groups::
-sylvain henry, Mass Action Demand hypernetwork

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