Tuesday, August 3, 2010

International Interfaith Prayer Day

This is our 4th monthly event thanks to your continuing interest. As most of you know our prayer day is getting results in different areas (Helathcare, Air Pollution, Water Pollution...). Tomorrow's main prayer intention is for pure air, water and food for all. Please join us and invite your friends.

Important Note for Sept 4th Prayer Intention:
The September 4th prayer focus will be to pray for those who help make this world a better place. In preparation for this next prayer day, if you have cause you believe in and would like to make it known for Sept. 4th, let me know so we can add you to the prayer list. Also, I have developed a series of effective mini-actions that can help you achieve your purpose, your cause (only if it is a good one). I am looking for volunteers to test out my system and if the system works as well as I believe it does then our next prayer day will be one to remember.

I also welcome your feedback to help make future events useful for people of all nations.

Peace, Prosperity, Truth
sylvain henry

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