Sunday, August 22, 2010

Achieving World Peace Via Micro-Volunteering - by Sylvain Henry

Most people on earth want world peace but few of us have enough time to do anything to make it happen. I would like to propose a way all of us can do something about it without interfering with our daily routines and obligations. I would like to introduce the concept of micro-volunteering, and doing so for a cause or a changemaker of your choice. Right at this minute, after reading this, you might have enough time to try any (or all!) of the following for a minute or two of your time, whenever you do have time:

1-5 minute suggestions:

-Donate an idea or constructive suggestions to your favorite cause
-Write a blog about your favorite change maker or cause
-Add links to your favorite cause websites
-Print posters to help your favorite causes
-Post these posters them in a densely populated area
-Feeding the birds or squirrels in your area with snacks in your pack

5-10 minute suggestions:

-Post posters of your favorite causes in a densely populated area
-Help another person find work in their location and field of interest
-Allow a less fortunate person to shower at your home
-Invite a less fortunate person to share a meal with you somewhere
-Try micro-lending starting with people you know and trust

15-30 minute suggestions:

-Micro-visits: Visit or call a friend in need
-Micro-coffeechat: Organize a practical coffeechat with friends and barter
-Write your own blog on peace
-Write an email to your president or prime minister regarding your cause

If you are interested in trying this out, please let me know so I can keep track of any and all successes related to this idea. Perhaps one day we can erect a National Peace Memorial in your honour. Perhaps this might be a very simple and fast way to help solve a number of global problems.

Peace, Prosperity, Truth
Prayer for Changemakers
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PS My friends and I will pray that at least 100 people will try this new idea.


  1. This is how we live here at the Kids Orchard as members of

  2. Great & simple ideas Sylvain!
    For each suggestions above, do we have to exercise all points there, or we could do just some of them?

  3. You can exercise any of the above or as many as you want. You may even help me by suggesting other ideas we can suggest.

  4. If in any case people don't have sufficient money to print poster (since quite expensive), how about, using Twitter & Facebook, post it as our updated status?

    In my city, very rarely birds or squirrels are found nearby, usually we found many abandon/unwanted cats on streets/public places, how about feeding them? And if we're capable enough, we can adopt them in our homes:)

  5. this is great, and count that I am already trying my best in order to achieve this great goal, as I see it as my life vacation, through knowledge and practice, from my own studies to all other aspects of life...

  6. We must begin now. I have some ideas I would like to test.

  7. Another thing to be considered: how about empowering the senior citizens who already retired? I've been wondering what are they doing in their spare time? I'm sure, they could volunteer -even a small & simple deed- is worth highly:)

  8. That is a great idea. We need a way to contact them.