Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to have people find you

I find it quite tiring and ineffective to constantly have to search for information, especially when this information is hard to find. Wouldn't it be nice if information and people found you instead? I think it is achievable but I am not sure how. Let's take real examples and see if we can come up with a better way to attract what we need instead of searching for it.

Looking for an Apartment in Gatineau:

I am looking for a small apartment (or bachelor apartment) in Gatineau, Quebec, for August 1, 2010. A one or two bedroom apartment would be fine and, if possible, I would like to rent by the month. How would I go about getting people to contact me if they have such an apartment for rent?

Looking for Work in Gatineau:
I am currently working in a hotel business but am also looking for a second job (as much as 40 hours/week extra). I enjoy marketing, online research and business development. On my time off I am a community organizer, an event organizer and a public speaker. How would I go about advertising myself in a blog or online classified ads website so employers will want to contact me to ask for my resume for a possible employment opportunity?

Looking for an activity partner:
I am looking for chatwalk friends in the Gatineau or Ottawa region. I am available for chatwalks on Sundays. This Saturday I will be at Britannia Beach for the Muslim Community Festival. Please join me.

The above are true ads, I am really looking for these 3 things.

sylvain henry 613-552-1090

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